What are third-party fees?

Third-party fees are paid by your funeral director on your behalf.  

The unavoidable third-party costs are the cremation or burial fees and the two doctors' cremation certification fees where applicable.  Plan providers may also include, or pay a contribution towards, the officiant or minister's fees, even though these fees are non-essential. 

Most plan providers choose not to include cover for the doctors' fees as they aren't always required. Doctors' fees do not apply in Scotland, or  if the death is referred to the Coroner, e.g. when the death is sudden or unexplained.

Types of third-party fee cover

Third-party fees may  be covered by your funeral plan in the following ways:

•  In full ('guaranteed plan').   Highest cost plan.

•  In part ('contribution plan').  Mid-range cost plan.

•  Not at all ('no contribution plan').  Lowest cost plan.

The contribution amount grows until the funeral in line with the Retail Price Index (RPI), Consumer Price Index (CPI), or some other mechanism chosen by the funeral plan provider.  Any shortfall in third-party fees contribution will need to be paid by your representative at the time of the funeral.