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What is sQored?

sQored ratings make it easier for you to quickly identify the funeral plan that most accurately matches your personal and financial preferences.

What does the green bar mean

The number of green bars indicates how comprehensive the funeral plan type is. It also represents the plan type's price range. 1 green bar indicates the most basic type of plan and lowest price range. 5 green bars indicate the most comprehensive type of plan and highest price range.  

Example:  The Simple funeral plan type gets three green bars as it stis in the middle of all the plan types for comprehensiveness and price.

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What does the star rating mean?

Each prepaid funeral plan is awarded 1 - 5 stars based on the number and quality of the services it provides.  A funeral plan with 1 star means it provides the least. 5 stars indicate the plan offers the most. 

Example:  This is an example rating for a  plan that sits in the Simple funeral plan type (3 green bars) and that has the highest number and standard of features (indicated by the 5 stars).

sQored funeral plan qulity rating