Will the contribution cover the third-party fees?

The  nation-wide contribution amount set by the funeral plan provider is with the expectation that it should cover - or go some way towards covering - the third-party fees when the the time comes.  But this is not guaranteed.  Third-party costs vary hugely across the UK.

Some plan providers will allow you to add to the contribution amount.

Should there be a shortfall at the time of the funeral, your representative or estate will need to pay the difference before the funeral can go ahead.   

Good to know

The contribution  amount included in the funeral plan grows until the funeral is needed, in line with the Retail Price Index (RPI), Consumer Price Index (CPI) or other mechanism chosen by the funeral plan provider.

How to ensure the third-party fees are covered

The only way to  ensure there is nothing more for your family to pay for your funeral,  is to take out a funeral plan where the third-party cremation and burial costs are included.  This type of plan is often referred to as a 'guaranteed plan'.

What's the benefit of a contribution funeral plan?

A plan provider's contribution plan may cover the third-party fees and will be cheaper than the guaranteed plan.