How Before You Go gets paid

When you use our service and buy through us, we receive a flat fee from the funeral plan provider, regardless of which funeral plan you buy.

Important to know ?
  • The fee we receive does not inflate the funeral plan price and does not affect the services contained in your funeral plan in any way.  
  • All funeral plan providers have a marketing budget.  Some will use Before You Go to supplement their own marketing efforts, or they appoint us because they don't market the plans themselves and trust us to provide a valuable service to their customers.
  • The fee we receive from the funeral plan provider is used to pay our dedicated team for our customer service, the research and marketing costs involved in bringing Before You Go to you to enable to buy wisely.
  • This fee is subject to a 'claw back' period.  This means if you cancel your plan or don't keep up with your payments within a specified period, we do not earn a fee for the service we have provided.