Who is Before You Go?

Before You Go is a company that is passionate about funeral planning, because the people in it know the positive mental and financial impact that this can have on those who put their affairs in order and on the people they leave behind.

There are hundreds of funeral plans to choose from but not all are created equal.  Before You Go has created a far better and easier way for you to sift through the facts to find the right one.

And unlike other companies that simply offer a handful of funeral plans from one funeral plan company, we help you compare and choose wisely from a vast range of funeral plans - 59 funeral plans to be precise - all from UK award-winning and leading national providers.

What we do

Worry saved.  Money saved.  That's what we do for you.

The team at Before You Go love nothing more than sharing their knowledge about your funeral options so that you can organise the best possible send-off for yourself - or someone else.

Why we do it

We have seen first-hand the added distress bereaved families go through when a loved one dies without having planned their funeral.

Our aim is to ensure you can rest assured that everything is taken care of for your send-off before you go, and that your family won't have to suffer the common consequences of a funeral that wasn't planned.

Meet the team

We’re a team of experienced funeral arrangers and funeral planners based in Cardiff in South Wales, but we come from all corners of the UK and love to indulge in a spot of healthy sporting rivalry, particularly when the Six Nations rugby is on!

We're led by funeral cost expert and consumer champion, Kim Bird.  Kim began working as a funeral arranger and bereavement support volunteer in the late 90's, for one of the largest funeral companies in the UK.  She has appeared on TV, radio, and in national and local press.

Kim on 6 pm ITV News
Good Grief Trust - Houses of Parliament
Kim Bird on BBC discussing the cost of funerals
Kim Bird - Sunday time - Funerals: a suitable case for disruption
  • In 2012, Kim founded About the Funeral, the first at-need funeral comparison website to help people avoid going into funeral debt.  
  • In 2017, Kim was included in the Maserati 100 & The Sunday Times list of top 100 disruptors in the UK for having a positive impact on her industry and society as a whole. 
  • In 2020, Kim founded Before You Go, which is dedicated to helping you take care of your funeral affairs, so your loved ones can take more care of themselves at a difficult time.