The FIVE most popular prepaid funeral plan questions & answers

Why do I need an Advance Decision document

Are you considering a prepaid funeral plan?  

We appreciate it's not easy to find credible and unbiased information on the internet.  Before You Go is here to change that.

To help you with your research and buy wisely, here are the short answers to the five most commonly asked funeral plan questions. 

If you have other burning questions, chat with one of our funeral planning specialists straight away or check out our Help & Inspiration knowledge centre.

Number 1

Are prepaid funeral plans a good idea?

During your lifetime you’ve given emotional support to your loved ones and financial support too when you can.  Choosing to prepay your funeral now provides that same support for those you leave behind, and at a time when arguably they need it most.    

You pay your funeral in advance, fixed at today's prices, so loved ones won't be burdened with the sudden expense and the added rise in funeral costs.  You also get to decide the details for your send-off, so there are no difficult decisions for loved ones to make when they are already coping with their loss.

Number 2

What are the downsides to a prepaid funeral plan?

Before we begin to answer this, you should know that  funeral plan problems are rare and often completely avoidable when you buy from a reputable company.  In 2020,  complaints dealt with by the Funeral Planning Authority represented 0.02% of all financial product complaints resolved by the Financial Ombudsman Service in the same year.*

Here's a brief summary of the three most common prepaid funeral plan issues experienced by bereaved families and how they can be resolved.

  • The funeral plan didn't cover the cost of the funeral
  • How to avoid:
  • Ensure you understand the funeral director's fees and third-party cremation or burial costs included in your funeral plan.  Each plan is different and may or may not include some or all of the third-party cost for cremation and burial.  This can come as quite a shock for bereaved families.  
  • If you want  the full cost of your funeral covered, choose a Guaranteed funeral plan. You can spread the payments to make it more affordable.  If you choose a Contribution or No Contribution funeral plan, let your family know there will be extra to pay at the time of the funeral.
  • The funeral plan didn't cover the third-party funeral 'extras' costs
  • How to avoid:
  • 'Extras' are the 'nice-to-have' items, such as flowers and order of service.  Read the terms of your funeral plan carefully.  Customise your funeral plan by including these items, or let loved ones know that at the time of the funeral they can arrange these extras themselves or pay the funeral director to provide.
  • More money was paid into the funeral plan than the funeral eventually cost!
  • How to avoid:
  • Pay for your funeral plan in a single lump sum, or keep the monthly repayments down to a minimum. If buying your funeral plan through the Fixed Monthly Payment (FMP) repayment option (the lowest of all the three payment options, and needs to be paid for life or  until age 90 typically), consider choosing a plan provider that offers an Overpayment Rebate Promise.

* Competition & Markets Authority report 2020

Number 3

How safe is my money in a prepaid funeral plan?

Under the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) rules, a funeral plan provider must set aside the money to pay for your funeral in a trust or a guaranteed whole of life assurance policy kept separate from the plan provider company.   This ensures your money is ring-fenced and available when needed.  

Number 4

Am I eligible for a prepaid funeral plan?

Whilst some funeral plans require you to be aged 50 and above, there are plenty of funeral plans with no age restrictions.

If you fit within the age profile of the funeral plan, you are guaranteed to be accepted.  There are no health questions, and you won't need a medical.

Number 5

Which is the best funeral plan for me?  

The best funeral plan for you will depend on your personal preferences and financial circumstances.

Consider the three factors below before you begin getting quotes for funeral plans. If you want help with exploring your options more fully, download our free simple and easy to use Funeral Wishes Planner.

Inside the Funeral Wishes Planner from Before You Go


1.  What type of funeral and service do I want?
Cremation or burial?  With or without a funeral ceremony?  Do I want my family to have the flexibility to choose the date and time of the funeral?  Do I want to include family cars in the funeral plan - if so, how many?

2.  How much of the funeral cost do I want to be covered by my funeral plan?
All funeral plans cover the funeral director's fees as outlined in the plan.  Do I want to include some or all of the third-party cremation or burial and extras costs too?

3.  How would I like to pay for my funeral plan?
In  a single payment, in monthly instalments, or to keep the cost right down with the Fixed Monthly Payment (FMP) option - where I will need to make monthly payments for life or until a specific age (typically age 90)?

Leave great memories,
not loose ends with this Funeral Wishes Planner.

Document your Funeral Wishes so loved ones don't have to worry about the detail.  They can simply follow your instructions  and remember the good times.