Standard funeral plan

Attended |  with ceremony  |  0 family cars

Plan summary




Yes, attended 

Family cars


Standard of coffin

Basic  |  Standard  |  High quality

Funeral director's fees


Third-party fees

£1,000 Contribution

Simple funeral plan 3.5 stars


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Top plan in the same category scored 67%


Key features

Funeral director's service

Before the funeral
Before the funeral
  • Attending to all the necessary funeral arrangements 
    Bringing you into the care of the funeral home or some other suitable resting place until the funeral, at any time
    Transport to any resting place within mainland Great Britain or Northern Ireland
    Embalming (optional)
    Option to visit you in the Chapel of Rest or some other service room
on the day of the funeral
On the day
  • Choice of funeral date and time
    Funeral ceremony for family and friends to attend
  • Coffin standard:  Basic  |  Standard  |  High quality 
  • Plan provider's description:  
    Simple wood effect
  • Hearse:  Motor hearse | Suitable vehicle
    Choice of procession route
    Chauffeur-driven family car
  • All funeral staff needed on the day 
  • Direct transport from the resting place to the crematorium
  • Unlimited mileage and distance
  • Listing of floral tributes
After the funeral
After the funeral
  • Collect and distribute charitable donations
  • 'Thank you' cards
    Free bereavement support or professional counselling where available

Third-party fees

Cover:  £1,000 Contribution towards

  • Cremation fees
  • Doctors' fees, if applicable
  • Officiant's fee, if required

Will the contribution amount cover the third-party fees?

Additional Services

  • Option to personalise the plan, e.g. choice of readings , music, dress code 
  • Option to pay a contribution towards special requests
If you would like to tailor your plan with special requests, chat through the options with your funeral plan provider.


Payment options

Single & monthly payments

Payment options

Single payment

12 monthly payments

24 monthly payments

36 monthly payments

60 monthly payments

Age eligibility

Completed by

18 +

No age limit

18 +

90th birthday

18 - 77

80th birthday

18 - 77

80th birthday

18 - 77

80th birthday


None currently

None currently

None currently

None currently

None currently


£ 3,645.00

£298.75 /mth

£164.91 /mth

£115.12 /mth

£75.29 /mth

Minimum deposit 






Total repayable

including any minimum deposit due






Charge for 

spreading the cost







When single payment has cleared

After 12 months and/or payment in full

After 12 months if you pass away during the instalment term / or payment in full

After 12 months if you pass away during the instalment term / or payment in full

After 12 months if you pass away during the instalment term / or payment in full

Cancellation period 

from date of purchase for full 'no quibble' refund

30 days

30 days

30 days

30 days

30 days

First or last monthly payment may differ by a few pence.

Can't see a payment option that suits your budget?  Get in touch with the funeral plan provider to see what else may be available.  


About Avalon

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Avalon has over 25 years' experience in helping you plan your funeral. In 2019, Avalon was awarded 'Best Funeral Plan Provider' by The Personal Finance Awards 2019-20 for its dedication to customer service.

Avalon's wide range of funeral plans covers all funeral preferences and budgets. Avalon's network of over 1,800 independent funeral directors delivers the service detailed in the funeral plan.

Avalon is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

How Avalon protects your funeral plan money

Avalon keeps your funeral plan money safe by placing the funds directly into The Avalon Funeral Trust No 3. This is held separately to the assets of Avalon Trustee Company Limited and is managed by Link Corporate Trustees (UK) Limited. The Trust is regulated in compliance with the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Regulated Activities) Order 2001 and independently audited each year. 

  • FAQs


What are the difference types of funeral ceremony?

There are three types of funeral ceremony:

With ceremony and attended by an unlimited number of people. Includes a full-length service, lasting 30 minutes on average.  
Funeral plan types to look for: Simple, Traditional, Select.

No ceremony and attended by no more than 12 people. The funeral includes a short ceremony, typically lasting 20 minutes. Just enough time for them to say their goodbyes. (Also known as an 'intimate funeral').  
Funeral plan type to look for: No Fuss.

No ceremony and unattended.  Family and friends have the freedom to celebrate your life, when, where and how they wish, outside the confines of a crematorium or burial setting.
Funeral plan type to look for: No Frills.


What are third-party fees?


Third-party fees are paid by your funeral director on your behalf.  Third-party fees covered in some plans include the cremation or burial fees, the officiant's fee and doctors' fees if applicable.

Doctors' fees are for cremation only and only payable at the time of the funeral if the coroner is not involved.  Doctors' fees are not applicable to Scotland. 


What are the different levels of third-party fees cover?


There are three levels of third-party fees cover:

Guaranteed: All third-party costs as outlined in the funeral plan will be covered.

Contribution: This amount will be used to cover third-party costs. Any shortfall will need to be paid to the funeral director at the time of need.

No contribution: All mandatory third-party costs (cremation or burial fees and doctors' cremation certification fees where applicable) and non-mandatory costs (e.g. the officiant's fee) will need to be paid to the funeral director at the time of the funeral by your representative or from your estate.

All funeral plans guarantee to pay the funeral director's fees, but not all funeral plans cover third-party fees.

Do funeral plans include the cost of the burial plot?

Funeral plans do not include the cost of a burial or cremated remains plot, because the price varies hugely depending on where you live and the plot type you need.  It is sometimes possible to include a contribution amount in your funeral plan to go towards the cost of a plot. Get in touch with your plan provider if this is an option you would like to explore. 

How many passengers can a family car carry?

A funeral family car (limousine) can carry 6 - 7 passengers.

What types of coffins do funeral plans include?

Funeral plans include three standards of coffins: Basic, Standard and High quality. Use this guide to help you decide which coffin standard is right for you.



High quality


Simple.  Plain sides.  Flat lid.

May have panelled sides and/or raised coffin lid.

May have panelled sides and/or raised coffin lid.


MDF or similar with a simple or quality wood-effect wrap design

MDF or similar with high quality wood-effect wrap design



Basic natural material, e.g bamboo

Quality natural material, e.g. seagrass

Higher quality natural material, e.g. willow.


Wood veneer

Higher quality wood veneer


Basic solid wood, e.g. pine

Simple solid wood

Quality solid wood

Can I make changes to a funeral plan?

Some plans can be tailored. It all depends on the funeral plan provider’s terms for the funeral plan you want and the payment option you choose. If you would like to explore your options, get in touch with your funeral plan provider.

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