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Bells & Whistles funeral plan   

Attended   |  With ceremony   |  2 family cars

What is a Bells & Whistles funeral plan?

A funeral plan from the Bells & Whistles range covers all the funeral director’s services to arrange and conduct the funeral ceremony at the crematorium or place of burial, attended by an unrestricted number of family and friends. 

This type of funeral plan provides the ceremonial extras and the highest quality coffin in the provider's funeral plan range.  The Bells & Whistles funeral plan also includes two chauffeur-driven cars to ensure loved ones don't have the worry of getting themselves to the funeral and can arrive there safely, on time.  Additional cars can be added by speaking with your funeral planning consultant.

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Pros and Cons of a Bells & Whistles Funeral Plan

When a Bells & Whistles funeral plan may be right for you


  • It includes a funeral ceremony on the day and time of your family's choosing.
  • There’s no restriction on the number of family and friends who can attend.
    Family and friends can visit you in the Chapel of Rest to say their goodbyes.
  • It includes the ceremonial extras, such as a traditional motor hearse and two family cars.   (To include more cars, speak with your funeral planning consultant).
    You want the highest quality coffin in the funeral plan provider's range.

When a Bells & Whistles funeral plan may not be right for you 


  • You don't want to spend more money than is necessary on your funeral.
  • You don't want the ceremonial extras.

 Your funeral your way, with this free Funeral Wishes Planner

You can support your loved ones financially with a prepaid funeral plan to protect them from continuing funeral price rises.  

You can also provide emotional support by documenting your funeral wishes (right down to the choice of music in the hearse as it takes you on your final journey!) Or give loved ones permission to arrange your funeral as they see fit.  Either way, they won't have to worry about whether your send-off is the way you would have wanted it.  Keep a copy with your Will or funeral plan if you have one.

Get your free copy of the ultimate Funeral Wishes Planner and write down what you would like to happen .  

How much does a Bells & Whistles funeral plan cost?

Bells & Whistles prepaid funeral plans start from £3,120  if paying in a single lump sum.  (Price excludes third-party cremation or burial fees).   Other variations of Bells & Whistles funeral plans and ways to spread the cost are available.

There are three factors that will affect the cost of a funeral plan and that you need to pay close attention to.


3rd party cremation or burial fees

A funeral plan will have one of three levels of cremation or burial fees cover:  ‘Fully guaranteed’ (no more to pay), ‘Contribution’ **(may have more to pay), and ‘No contribution’.  Any shortfall will need to be paid at the time of the funeral by your representative. 

The more third-party fees cover you have, the more you will pay for the  plan.   


Tailoring your funeral plan

Some plan providers allow you to make changes, e.g. upgrade the motor hearse for a horse-drawn hearse.  Tailoring might be a cheaper solution than choosing the next level of funeral plan up, but may not provide the best overall value.  

Get in touch if your funeral plan provider to chat through your options.


Spreading the cost

Your options include paying in a single lump sum, monthly instalments, or lower fixed monthly payments which are payable for life or up to a specified age, e.g. 90.

Lower monthly payments are attractive, but you should be aware  that you could end up paying more into the funeral plan than the funeral is eventually worth.

What does a Bells & Whistles funeral plan include?

  • KEY
  • Included as standard in this plan type
  • Included in some plans of this type
  • Not included in this plan type
Before the funeral
Before the funeral
  • Funeral arrangements made
  • The funeral provider will liaise with all third-parties (e.g. crematorium and doctors) and handle all paperwork.
  • Bringing you into care
  • You will be collected and cared for at the funeral home or some other suitable resting place until the funeral. 
  • Embalming (optional)
  • Embalming restores a life-like appearance.  This can be helpful if loved ones plan to visit before the funeral. Embalming isn't always necessary. The funeral director will advise.  If required, this treatment can be purchased by your representative at the time of the funeral.
  • Chapel of Rest visit (optional)
  • Loved ones have the option to visit the Chapel of Rest or some other service room in private, before the funeral.
  • Personalisation
  • Personalise your funeral plan with requests that don't incur an additional fee, e.g. choice of music. The funeral director will do their best to accommodate your requests when the funeral is needed.
  • Option to pay for special requests
  • Pay a contribution towards services  that aren't included in your plan, e.g.  a different coffin, an additional family car, upgrade to a horse-drawn hearse, or third-party cremation or burial fees top-up.
on the day of the funeral
On the day
  • Choice of date and time
  • Your personal representative  will be able to choose the day and time of the funeral.
  • Funeral ceremony for family and friends to attend
  • There will be no restriction on the number of people that can attend the funeral ceremony.
  • Coffin:   Basic  |  Standard  |  High Quality
  • Basic design:
    Simple. Typically with plain sides and flat lid.
    Basic material:
    MDF (or similar) with a wood effect wrap; solid eco-pine; or basic eco-material, e.g. bamboo.
  • Standard design:
    May have panelled sides and / or a raised coffin lid.
    Standard material:
    MDF (or similar) with a wood effect wrap;  wood veneer; or higher quality natural material, e.g. seagrass

  • High quality design:
    May have panelled sides and / or a raised coffin lid.
    High quality material:
    Superior wood veneer; superior solid wood; or superior natural material, e.g. willow
  • Hearse:  Traditional  |  Suitable vehicle
  • You'll be taken to the crematorium or place of burial in a motor hearse.
  • Choice of procession route
  • You can choose which route the funeral cars take on the way to the place of service.  The only limitation is the mileage allowance included in the Plan.
  • All funeral staff needed on the day
  • Two chauffeur-driven family cars
  • Family car typically seats six passengers.
  • Mileage allowance
  • Typically 30 - 50 miles are included in a Bells & Whistles type of funeral plan.  but can be unlimited.
  • Listing of floral tributes 
  • The list provides a handy reference should the person responsible for overseeing your funeral arrangements want to send a 'thank you' note.
After the funeral
After the funeral
  • Administering charitable donations
  • The funeral provider will collect and distribute donations on your behalf.
  • Supply of 'Thank you' cards
  • Bereavement support for your family
  • Support will be provided either by the funeral staff, through a bereavement support group, or grief counselling specialist.

What funeral plans don't include

It’s important to be aware of the things that aren’t commonly included in a funeral plan so that you can make financial provision for them if you want to, either as a contribution* amount in your funeral plan (if allowed) or by some other means, such as a savings account.

     Conducting the funeral outside normal workday and working hours
    Service at a separate location, e.g. church before the crematorium
  • Flowers
  • Funeral notices
  • Order of service stationery
  • Venue for the funeral reception and catering
  • The burial plot 
    Headstone or memorial
    Repatriation from outside mainland Great Britain, ferry or air fares
    Costs for removing artificial limbs and mechanisms, e.g.  pacemakers

* Other exclusions may apply.  Read your plan provider's terms and conditions.

Are the cremation or burial fees included in a funeral plan?

All set funeral plans guarantee to cover the funeral director's professional fees for arranging the funeral, caring for the deceased, supplying the coffin and providing a chauffeur-driven motor hearse.  But not all funeral plans cover the necessary third-party cremation or burial fees.  

Your options include a guaranteed funeral plan which ensures these third-party fees are included and there is nothing more for loved ones to pay, or a contribution funeral plan or no contribution funeral plan.   Any shortfall would be paid at the time of the funeral by your next of kin, for example. To learn more, watch the video below.

How to find the best value prepaid funeral plans using the sQored rating

sQored - Funeral Plan Service Quality Close Up

Using expert funeral industry knowledge and methodology, sQored generates a service and quality score for each prepaid funeral plan.  sQored does this by carefully scrutinising 12,500 sets of data.  This includes looking closely at the funeral plan key features and the small print terms and conditions.  

You'll find the sQored rating next to each funeral plan quote when you compare. 

Which type of prepaid funeral plan is right for me?

There are five types of funeral plan, catering for all preferences and budgets.  

The types range from the lowest-cost, no frills direct cremation service with no funeral ceremony and no family and friends present, to the 'bells and whistles' type of funeral that has all the ceremonial extras and no restriction on the number of people who can attend.

Explore your options through these simple guides. 

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*   Maximum saving and lowest monthly plan price based on the listed funeral plans compared on 07.06.22.

*  Source:  SunLife (2021) Cost Of Dying Report.  The average price of a UK cremation and burial funeral in 2021 is £4,184.  The cost is expected to rise to £5,044 by 2025.

**  A ‘contribution’ is the amount a plan provider sets aside to cover the third-party  cremation or burial fees.  This amount grows in line with the Retail Price Index (RPI) or Consumer Price Index (CPI) until the funeral.  Because third-party fees are outside a plan provider’s control, the contribution amount is not guaranteed to cover the cremation or burial fees when the time comes . If there is a shortfall, this will need to be paid by your representative or from your estate before the funeral can go ahead. 
Figures ares based on our analysis of the lowest and highest  single payment comparable plans, from prepaid plan providers with national coverage  as at 05.04.23.