Cashback and money-saving offers on prepaid funeral plans

4 ways you can get a deal on your funeral plan.

cashback is icing on the cake

Are you looking for a deal on your prepaid funeral plan?

At an average £4,184 price tag for a funeral, it's a hefty expense for many.  So it follows that prepaid funeral plans are too.  

Whilst you can ease the financial burden by spreading the cost of your funeral plan over 12 months (usually at no additional cost), or over 10+ years, we're sure you would welcome a bit of money off if you can get it.  

Here are four quick and simple ways you can save money on your prepaid funeral plan.

  1. 1
    Compare prices using a funeral plan comparison website.  
    Make sure you're comparing the headline like for like features.  Don't forget to delve into the small print before you buy.  
    Average saving:  £300+  
  2. 2
    Check out your preferred plan provider's website for deals.  
    Savings can be had in the weeks leading up to the funeral plan provider's usual annual price rise.  Call the plan provider and ask when this is. Health and circumstances permitting, hold-off buying your funeral plan until then. In the meantime, sign up to their mailing list.  You'll get a timely promotional deal via direct mail or email.  This might include money off your funeral plan, a gift card and/or free Will.
    Average saving:  £100+  
  3. 3
    Find out if your preferred funeral plan provider has a Loyalty Programme.  
    Signing up to a free loyalty programme will get you money off your funeral plan, or a discount on funeral service add-ons, or points you can spend company-wide, e.g. at the Co-op.
    Average saving:  £100+
  4. 4
    Buy your funeral plan through an affiliate link. 
    You can occasionally find deals by searching 'funeral' or 'funeral plan' on cashback sites such as TopCashback and Quidco.  Even if they aren't running any funeral plan offers when you plan to buy, sign up to the cashback site anyway.  Typically, subscribers earn £200+ a year on their normal shopping!  That's more money saved to spend on the sweeter things in life - or to put towards your funeral plan!
    Average saving:  £100+