Fantasy Funeral Plan for Edmund Blackadder

by Derek Thompson

Published on 2 June 2021

Elizabethan ruff and turnips

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Edmund Blackadder's funeral

A fantasy funeral for Lord Edmund Blackadder, confidante to her capricious majesty Queen Elizabeth I, and master of derring-do (according to his publicist) would combine solemnity and ceremony with a right royal booze-up afterwards. 

Dress code for the mourners

Baldrick to be allowed to attire himself in the manner of a Giant Pixie or a huge turnip, preferably after a good wash (Baldrick, that is).  

All other mourners to dress in their finery, while incorporating black ruffs and sporting a beard in the manner of Captain Redbeard Rum, only black. This includes the Whiteadders.  


Roses and violets, in honour of chief mourner, our Queen of Hearts. 

Donations in lieu of flowers

The Blackadder Natural Philosophie Foundation for Investigation into the Traversing of Time 

Christian Adder Society (of) Humilities  
Bills Obligatory to be made out to ‘CASH’


Thomas the Balladeer to play courageous tales of Edmund Blackadder, on pain of a sword.  


Number 1

Captain Redbeard Rum to read an extract from Sea Voyages I Have Survived, while his lovely wife Nursie plays the spoons. 

Number 2

Lord Percy Percy will recite poetry from his collection, Popinjays and Other Inconsequences, while being pelted by the congregation.  

Number 3

Baldrick to recite Ode To The Giant Pixie.  

Celebrity celebrants

Historians Mary Beard and David Starkey, Hilary Mantel (author of Wolf Hall and Bring up the Bodies), and Mr Bean. 


A horse-drawn cortege, and then a sedan for her majesty, and then more horses for the good noblemen at court – plus Lord Melchett. 

Baldrick to follow the horses, so he can be guaranteed a hot meal on his last day of service to the Blackadder family. 


An iron coffin – one might even say ironic – steadfast, impenetrable, and worth every penny of Lord Percy Percy’s money (if there’s any left).


A simple burial in a humble corner of Westminster Abbey will be quite sufficient, followed by three days of national mourning. One really doesn’t want to cause a fuss. 


Some excellent pies from Mrs Miggins (once eaten never forgotten, much like Baldrick’s breakfasts), and some sausages from the kitchen of Mrs Ploppy (by kind arrangement with HM Prisons). 

Mrs Miggins' Meat Pies

Other instructions

The following people are expressly forbidden to attend the funeral: 

  • The baby-eating bishop of Bath and Wells, excepting he bring along a tribute of a huge bag of cash (see charities above). 
  • The Witchsmeller Pursuivant.
  • The Wise Woman, despite her evidently being both a woman and very wise.
  • Sir Walter Raleigh – let him go lose himself on the High Seas. 

Mr and Mrs Pants to avail themselves of the former Blackadder residence after the service.  

Mourners to be invited to wear a piece of purest green by Lord Percy Percy, in memory of England’s greatest hero and that dreadful flu epidemic last year. 

Unexpected mourners

Bob, dressed as a woman. 

Lord Blackadder of the future, having perfected time-travel only to fail at the final hurdle thanks to confusion over metric and imperial measurements. At the conclusion of the service, Lord Blackadder of the future to arrive and simply remark, “B****r!” 

A second Lord Blackadder of the future, having arrived after the first, to remark, “This requires a cunning plan of such epic ingenuity, it will make Dr John Dee seem like an E minus.” 

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About the author 

Derek Thompson

Derek Thompson is a writer and author, who has written extensively about grief and the funeral industry. He thinks humour is a much-underrated commodity. And thanks to a mix-up, when his name was read out during a committal, instead of his brother’s, he has technically been to his own funeral.

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