Fantasy Funeral Plans & Eulogies

Commemorating the passing of much-loved figures - real or not - with our take on a befitting send-off and celebratory speech.

Fantasy Funeral Plans by

About the Fantasy Funeral Plan & Eulogies series

Written with gentle humour we hope you will appreciate the intention of the Fantasy Funeral Plan & Eulogies series from Before You Go, which is  to inspire and motivate you to plan your own funeral, and may be write your own eulogy, if you haven't already done so.   

Each fantasy funeral plan marks the passing of much-loved figures - celebrities and fictional characters - by commemorating their personality and legacy with a befitting send-off.

Whilst cost can be a factor in arranging a funeral, a good service is a celebration of life – reflecting the character and values of the deceased, as well as supporting loved ones.

Why is making your funeral wishes known so important?  

Fantasy Funeral Plans by

Letting loved ones know your funeral wishes is one of the kindest things you will ever do, as it will save them from them from worrying about the detail at an already difficult time.  

A dedicated savings account, life and Over 50s insurance, or a prepaid funeral plan  are ways to protect loved ones from the financial burden of your funeral, as it shields them from rising funeral costs

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Globe cake for James Bond funeral reception

James Bond 007:  Spy

James Bond’s fantasy funeral would combine a mixture of styles, dreadful puns, and a devil-may-care attitude.

Those who know him best will appreciate the contradictions, while recognising that for 007 this really was no time to die.

Fantasy funeral plan for Enid Blyton by

Enid Blyton:  Author

Enid Blyton was the world-famous children’s author with over 750 books to her name.

Her fantasy funeral  would combine playfulness with a charming simplicity that harkens to decades past, and a reception with an abundance of picnic sandwiches and lashings of ginger beer.

Elizabethan ruff and turnips

Lord Blackadder:  Nobleman

A fantasy funeral for Lord Edmund Blackadder, confidante to her capricious majesty Queen Elizabeth I, and master of derring-do (according to his publicist) would combine solemnity and ceremony with a right royal booze-up afterwards.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Terry Jones:  Comedian

Very sadly, Terry Jones - Welsh actor, Monty Python member, comedian, historian, poet, author - is no longer with us.  Terry's final farewell was held at Golders Green Crematorium, followed by a small wake at in a Highgate pub.

This is how we would have commemorated this much-loved figure.  His send-off would  have combined historical accuracy, warm-hearted reflection, and a touch of the surreal.

My eulogy - Thank you for coming

James Bond 007:  My Eulogy

The often daunting task of writing a eulogy will likely fall to a family member or close friend.  But why not take the opportunity to have the last word?  It could be delivered alongside or instead of someone else's.

To inspire you to write your own eulogy, we've created some imagined self-penned eulogies for well-known and much-loved celebrities and fictitious characters.

Here's James Bond's eulogy

Fantasy funeral plan for Sherock Holmes by

Sherlock Holmes:  Sleuth

Sherlock Holmes is the world-famous consulting detective created by British author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  

A fantasy funeral for Sherlock Holmes would combine order, a minimum of fuss, and an opportunity for mourners to celebrate his observation and deduction greatness in a measured atmosphere. 

Any reformed members of the criminal underclass would also be welcome to pay their respects.