Funeral plan ratings by sQored

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What is sQored?

sQored is an unbiased, evidence-based service quality rating system.  

The rating system has been created by funeral plan experts by experience (us!), to make it easier for you to quickly identify the best funeral plan for you.  

Compare funeral plans and you will find a sQored rating next to each funeral plan. 

Why other funeral plan rating systems fail

One size fits none

sQored doesn’t take a one-size fits all approach and give the highest 5-star rating for the most comprehensive plan like other generic funeral plan rating systems, like Defaqto.

We don't think Defaqto's approach is good enough for consumers.   How does its funeral rating system help you tell the difference in service quality between funeral plans of the same type?  

"Why should a 'simple' cremation funeral plan that includes an inexpensive coffin and no limousines be rated 3 stars when it’s exactly the type of service a consumer wants?  How can a funeral plan consumer tell the difference between competing 3-star funeral plans when, for example, not every 3-star plan guarantees to pay all the third-party cremation costs? 

We believe consumers should be able to choose a plan that's right for their needs and not be tempted by a less suitable and more expensive funeral plan just because it has a higher star rating.  Consumers need all the facts so they only pay for the services they want and can buy with confidence."

Kim Bird - founder of Before You Go

Kim Bird
Founder & CEO of Before You Go

We also don't think it's good enough when Defaqto updates its rating system the same time each year.  Funeral plan providers change their funeral plan offering at different times of the year. 

How sQored works

sQored outperforms all other funeral plan rating systems, and here’s why.

All prepaid funeral plans belong to one of five  types catering for very different needs and personal preferences – from the 'no frills' and 'no fuss' type of funeral, to a traditional funeral, and one with all the 'bells and whistles'.

  • sQored contains a database of 59  funeral plans from the UK’s leading plan providers authorised with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).
  • Our expert industry knowledge and methodology generates a maximum score for each plan type.  (sQored currently queries a database of 12,500 funeral plan features and small print terms.)
  •  sQored analyses and rates the service quality of each plan, in each of the five types of funeral plans.
  • And unlike other rating systems that are updated once a year, we monitor the funeral plan market regularly for changes so that you have the most up to date information to help you best evaluate your options.

Now you can tell the difference between plans, and the ratings are current.  We think you’ll agree that IS helpful.

What the sQored rating shows you

Bells & Whistles funeral plan 4.5 stars

sQored will quickly help you understand two things:

Comprehensiveness and price range of the funeral plan type
1 to 5 green bars

Plan type

Price range


Plan type name:
on Before You Go

No funeral ceremony
No family or friends present
Most restricted service


sQored plan type - No Frills

No Frills

No funeral ceremony
Up to 12 family & friends
Restricted service


sQored plan type - No Fuss

No Fuss

With funeral ceremony
With family & friends
Limited service


sQored plan type - Simple


With funeral ceremony
With family & friends
Good level of service

Mid - High

sQored plan type - Traditional


With funeral ceremony
With family & friends
Highest level of service


sQored plan type - Bells and Whisltes

Bells & Whistles

Quality of the service benefits in the funeral plan:
1 - 5 stars

The number of stars helps you compare the quality of the service features of the funeral plans competing in the same plan type.  The star rating for each plan is based on three key areas:

  • Quality of benefit 
  • Flexibility of service
  • Amount of third-party cremation or burial fees cover

To qualify for a 5-star rating, each benefit in the funeral plan would have to be of the highest level (e.g. include a solid wood coffin as opposed to a wood effect coffin).   The funeral plan would need to have the most flexibility (e.g. option to choose the date and time of the funeral) and include the necessary third-party fees (e.g. cremation fees, plus officiant's fees and doctors' fees where applicable).

To start comparing funeral plans from the UK's leading funeral plan providers registered with the Funeral Planning Authority, click the button below for instant quotes or call the specialist funeral planning team on02920 099 200

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