Give the gift of a lifetime this Valentine's - literally - with a prepaid funeral plan.

Save your loved ones from the heartache and expense of arranging your funeral, by organising and fixing the cost at today's prices.

Save up to £424. Funeral plan prices start from as little as £6.25 pcm [1]

You're in good hands with funeral cost expert & founder of Before You Go.  As seen in the media.  Learn more.

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Are funeral plans a good idea?

1 in 6 adults think so [2]

A prepaid funeral plan is the smart and affordable way to organise and fix the cost of your funeral - or someone else's - at today's prices.   Here are three great reasons why you should consider planning and paying for your funeral in advance.


Arrangements saved

You get to plan your funeral, your way.  With 92 (and growing) funeral plans to choose from, you're sure to find the right fit for you.


Worry saved

You will  spare loved ones from having to worry about the type of funeral you want,  because you've already planned it.


Money saved

Fix the funeral cost today and you will  protect loved ones from future price rises, potentially saving them thousands of pounds!

Cost of funeral is projected to rise 20 percent in 5 years

Sources: SunLife (2021) Cost Of Dying Report &
Statista - Median Annual Earnings (published by Office for National Statistics UK - Nov 2020)


Fix the cost of your funeral today & beat rising funeral costs

The average cost of a basic funeral today is £4,184.  

Funeral costs in the UK have gone up 128% since prices were recorded in 2004.  That's far above inflation.   By way of comparison, the average full-time wage has only increased 42.6% in the same period.

If this trend in funeral costs continues, by 2025 the cost of a funeral could rise a further 20% to £5,044 .  What could you or your family do with the difference if you fixed the cost of your funeral today?


Join the 1.5 million* UK prepaid funeral plan holders whose families are set to benefit from the financial savings and support of a funeral plan from a Funeral Planning Authority registered provider.

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 * Number of active funeral plans  
The amount of money saved will depend on the which funeral plan and payment terms you choose and how long the funeral plan is held for.

Why plan your funeral with Before You Go?

Before You Go makes it really easy for you to buy wisely.   Life's too short to spend searching lots of places for the information you need to plan well. 

Our impartiality and many years' of  first-hand experience planning and arranging funerals for bereaved families, helps you find the perfect funeral plan for you and ultimately the people you care most about.  

That's why we don't simply offer the plans from one or two providers.  You get to choose the funeral plan that's right for you and supports your loved ones when the time comes.  

Everything you need is at your fingertips so you can choose in your own time, or you can speak with one of our funeral planning experts if your prefer.


FOUR reasons why you should compare with Before You Go?

Quality funeral plans

Quality plans

You only compare funeral plans from leading providers registered with the Funeral Planning Authority, which exists to protect consumer interests.

Greater choice

Greater choice

You get to choose from 59 quality funeral plans with good national coverage,  so if you move home in the future, your plan
 moves with you.

Bigger savings with Before You Go Compare

Bigger savings

You'll find it easier to shop around and find the best plan to suit your individual needs and budget.  Our Cashback Offers are the
icing on the cake.

Your in a safe pair of hands with Before You Go Compare

In good hands

You and your family will be guided every step of the way with our complete funeral planning service  - from the point of research to your funeral and beyond.

Who we compare

Before You Go compares the leading prepaid funeral plan providers registered with the Funeral Planning Authority.

What does that mean for you?

It means you get the reassurance that you will receive the highest standards of customer care and the funeral you paid for when it's needed. 

Funeral plan companies compared by

Plan well for peace of mind with your FREE Funeral Wishes Planner

You can support your loved ones financially before your time comes by paying for your funeral in advance, protecting them from continuing funeral price rises.  

You can also provide emotional support by documenting your funeral wishes in detail (right down to the choice of sandwiches at the funeral reception!), or by just giving loved ones permission to arrange your funeral as they see fit. That way, they won't have to worry about whether your send-off is the way you would have wanted it.

Write down what you would like to happen in this free Funeral Wishes Planner.  It's a great companion for your prepaid funeral plan and any other life planning documents you may have. 

Click the video above to find out from founder, Kim Bird, why documenting your funeral wishes document is so important for the people you leave behind.


Need help?

If you would like help choosing the right funeral plan or you would like some inspirational funeral planning ideas, get in touch.  Call 02920 099 200 or arrange a callback or video chat.  Whatever works best for you.

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How does your funeral plan score?

When you need a helping hand to quickly understand the benefits and quality of a funeral plan, and compare it against all the others on offer, our sQored rating will help.

By applying our funeral industry expertise and years of practical experience of arranging funerals, Before You Go  has analysed the features and benefits of the leading funeral plan provider's Plans listed, so you can get the best value for your budget.  

Look out for the scores in your comparison results.

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[1]   Maximum saving and lowest monthly plan price based on all funeral plans compared on Before You  Go  on 05.04.23.   Maximum saving excludes any applicable exclusive cashback offer when purchasing through  Learn more about our cashback offers here.

[2]  Figure based on (1) the number of UK adults aged 50 and over (the largest age group of funeral plan holders) and (2) the number of active plans registered with the Funeral Planning Authority in 2021.   Sources:  Office of National Statistics and Funeral Planning Authority