How Before You Go works

How does Before You Go help you compare?  What happens when you buy?  How is the site paid for? Everything you need to know.

Before You Go - helping you find the best funeral plan
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How we work

Using our expertise you save valuable time and money in finding the best prepaid funeral plan for your particular circumstances.   You can get an instant quote online for free.  This is a non-advisory service.  We currently compare 59 prepaid funeral plans.

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Quality and reassurance

We only compare funeral plans from providers that are registered with the Funeral Planning Authority and that include national coverage.  This means if you move home within mainland UK in the future, you won't have to worry about loss of cover, as your funeral plan will be transferred to a funeral director near you.

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If you decide to buy 

Each funeral plan provider has its own preferred method of handling client applications.  You may be able to buy online, over the phone or by downloading an application form.

All payments you make, including any deposit, are made directly to the funeral plan provider.  To comply with the exemption rules in The Financial Services & Markets Act 2000 (Regulated Activities) Order 2001 the plan provider must put the money to pay for your funeral into a Trust or Whole of Life insurance product.

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How Before You Go gets paid

We do not receive a fee of any kind from funeral plan companies or funeral homes and we do not charge you for the comparison service.  

Please bear in mind, the funeral plan quotes and information we provide is non-advisory.  You will be responsible for making your own choice of funeral plan and dealing with the funeral plan company or funeral director if you decide to buy.

Any income we do receive is from clearly marked affiliate links and downloadable tools and guides which are clearly priced before you access.

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