My Funeral Budget Planner

Find out how much your funeral is likely to cost and whether it's worth paying for your send-off in advance.

The surprising fact most people don't know about funeral plans

"[prepaid funeral plans] are often sold at a lower price than at-need funerals."

Competition & Markets Authority (CMA)
Funerals Market Investigation 2020. Appendix F: 5.153

Knowing that funeral plans are often cheaper than the funeral service costs at the time of the funeral arrangement, you might be thinking:

 "Why should I even contemplate paying for my funeral before I go?  My family can simply save money by buying a funeral plan at the time of the funeral arrangement."

Unfortunately,  the answer is they can't.  Legislation prevents this.

To learn more about this anomaly, see: Why is the price of a prepaid funeral plan sometimes cheaper than the funeral director's at-need price list for the same service?

Is it worth prepaying my funeral?

There are various ways you can help your family cope financially with the expense of your funeral, including:

  • Putting money aside in a savings account
  • Buying a life insurance or Over 50s policy
  • Buying a funeral plan  

Many people have preferred to buy a prepaid funeral plan.  There are currently 1.5 million active Funeral Planning Authority registered funeral plans in place. [2]  It's the only way to fix the cost of a funeral at today's prices and guarantee the funeral service costs outlined in the plan are covered - no matter how much funeral costs rise in the future.  

But how do you know  if a funeral plan is the better value option?  

If you wanted to save or put money into a life insurance or Over 50s policy  instead - how much would you need to invest to cover the type of funeral you want?  

You may be surprised.  All those funeral 'extras' can certainly add up! 

The average cost of a UK funeral is currently £4,184.  This excludes funeral 'Extras' (e.g. additional family cars, flowers, order of service stationery, catering, the memorial etc.), which can add a further £2,000 to your funeral bill.  [3]

To help you work out which is the right option for you (save, invest, prepay), first, you need to work out what your preferred funeral service is likely to cost in the future.  And that's why we've created this free and easy to use Funeral Budget Planner.  Then you can check which is the most affordable and best value option for the outcome you want to achieve - do you want to ensure the arrangements are made and the  funeral cost is covered?  

What you'll find inside your Funeral Budget Planner

Funeral Budget Planner preview
  • A breakdown of the component parts of a funeral
  • The average costs of each funeral element 
  • A simple worksheet to help set a budget for your ideal send-off
  • Access to a life-expectancy calculator to help you work out a future cost contingency

How to use your Funeral Budget Planner

Once you've arrived at your funeral budget figure, you can use it to help you:

Number 1

Set aside an amount for the type of send-off you want in a savings plan, for example, or check the projected payout of an insurance policy is likely to meet the cost.

Remember - none of the savings or insurance options guarantee the payout will be used by your beneficiaries to pay for your funeral or will cover the cost of  your funeral, or that your funeral will be arranged as you want it - if you have a preference.

Number 2

Find a funeral plan that includes the services you want and benchmark the budget against the cost of a funeral plan based on the cost today, the cost in the future, and for best value.

Before You Go compares 59 funeral plans instantly.  Compare the price, services included, the service quality rating and other information we provide to find the best value funeral plans.

All the funeral plans we compare are from the UK's leading  Funeral Planning Authority registered plan providers, whose funeral plans will move with you should you move home in the future.

To get started working out the cost of your funeral, click the download button below.


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Competition and Markets Authority:  prepaid funeral plans are often sold at a lower price than at-need funerals
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