My Funeral Wishes Planner

Kim Bird - Founder of Before You Go - Importance of Funeral Wishes

Are you looking for ways to take the best care of your loved ones when you're gone?

One simple way to look after loved ones when you are no longer here  is to record your preferences for your funeral in this easy to use Funeral Wishes Planner.  

Once it’s complete  and safely stored away somewhere accessible, you'll have peace of mind knowing that you've taken care of the detail, leaving loved ones to take more care of themselves when the time comes.

How your funeral wishes will help the people you care for most

  • No difficult decisions to make.
  • No potential  disagreements about the details
  • You'll provide  clear instructions or give someone express permission to make some or all decisions about aspects of your funeral
  • Clear wishes that prevent loved ones from over-spending on the cost of your funeral 

What you get with your Funeral Wishes Planner

    The 6 elements of the funeral you need to think about.
    7 Supporting guides and links to inspirational and useful resources to help you plan your send-off. 
    The 3 best places to leave a copy of your Planner to ensure your funeral wishes won't be overlooked.

Leave great memories, not loose ends

Your Funeral Wishes Planner takes you step-by-step through your options. You can go at your own pace or do it in stages – whenever you feel ready.  You might also want to involve the people closest to you in your funeral planning so that their wishes are considered too.  

Even if all you record is that you want to be cremated or buried, you will have achieved a happier ending for all.

What people say about us

"A really friendly and helpful service"


" A really friendly service with lots of great information.  I used their comparison first and then spoke with Andrew, who was very helpful.  He made sure I understood everything.  There was no hard sell and I’m really pleased with the plans I chose for myself and my husband . I would have no hesitation in recommending Before You Go to any of my family and friends wanting to plan their funeral.."

Michelle Squire - Warwickshire