What is the acceptance criteria for a funeral plan?

The acceptance criteria for funeral plans is often pretty minimal.

Whilst some funeral plans require you to be aged 50 and above, there are plenty of funeral plans with no age restrictions.

So as long as you are 18 years old or above there isn't any other acceptance criteria to worry about.

Will I have to wait for approval from my Funeral plan provider?

When you find the funeral plan of your choice you will be required to fill out an application form that is then sent to the provider.

Following this the provider will review your application before approving it.  So long as you are eligible for the plan you have applied for. 

Is there any medical and health acceptance criteria for funeral plans?

The good news is there are no health restrictions that prevent you from taking out a funeral plan.

Additionally, unlike life insurance you won’t need to answer any personal questions about your current health or medical history. Lastly, there is no health check required. 

What are the acceptance criteria when buying a funeral plan for someone else?

Many people assume that they can only purchase a funeral plan for themselves, but that isn't the case.

So I f you are someone looking to purchase a funeral plan for someone else as long as you are aged 18+, you will be fine. 

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Andrew is one of the founding team members of Before You Go. He's passionate about ensuring funeral consumers put the right funeral plan in place, and that starts with being given a choice from several providers. When he's not totally immersed in all things consumer funeral related and tech, he loves nothing more than spending time with his children. Eating chocolate brownies comes a close second.

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