Leave great memories, not loose ends with this free Funeral Wishes Planner

Record your funeral wishes so those you care about don't have to worry about what you would have wanted and can take more care of themselves when the time comes.


What is a Funeral Wishes Planner?

A Funeral Wishes Planner is an easy-to-use document where you can record your personal and financial preferences for your funeral.  You can also let people know that they have your blessing to make some or all decisions about your funeral when the time comes.

Once completed, keep it with your prepaid funeral plan or any other life-planning documents you have, such as a will, where you may have recorded the basic detail.

THREE reasons why writing down your funeral wishes is so important


Your peace of mind

You might want a send-off with all the ceremonial extras or are adament that it should be a fuss-free, no-frills funeral with as little expense as possible, so there's more money left for the beneficiaries - or for the party after the funeral!  Maybe you'll discover that your preferences lie somewhere in between.

Whatever your funeral wishes happen to be, this is the perfect opportunity to set down what you would like to happen after you've gone.  And then you can carry on enjoying the here and now.


Spare loved ones from making difficult decisions

Arranging a funeral can be very upsetting for the people left behind, especially when they don't know – or aren't sure – if they have made the right decisions about the sort of send-off you would have wanted.

By sharing your funeral wishes with those closest to you – even if it's to let them know that you really don't mind what they organise - they won't have to worry about the details and you won't have to worry about them worrying about the details: you'll either leave them clear instructions or the certain knowledge that anything goes (funds permitting!).


Help avoid possible family arguments

Emotions understandably run high when arranging a funeral, but amid all that grief decisions need to be taken.  It's not unusual for family members and close friends to have opposing views on what they think you would like and what they would like. 

Documenting what you want in 'black and white', or doing it on camera, or simply giving named individuals express permission to make choices, gives loved ones clarity about your funeral.

What you'll get with your Funeral Wishes Planner

    The 6 elements of the funeral you need to think about.
    7 Supporting guides and links to inspirational resources to help you plan your send-off. 
    The 3 best places to leave a copy of your Planner to ensure your funeral wishes won't be overlooked.

Leave great memories, not loose ends

Your Funeral Wishes Planner takes you step-by-step through your options. You can go at your own pace or do it in stages – whenever you feel ready.  You might also want to involve the people closest to you in your funeral planning so that their wishes are considered too.  

Even if all you record is that you want to be cremated or buried, you will have achieved a happier ending for all concerned. 

Once it’s done – and safely stored away somewhere accessible – you can tick it off your 'to do' list and forget about it.  No more pondering for you and no additional worries for those you leave behind, because you've taken care of the detail, leaving them to take more care of themselves when the time comes.

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