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Protect your loved ones from the added upset and financial worry of organising your funeral with our helpful tools

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 Founder of Before You Go & funeral cost expert, Kim Bird.  As seen in the following media.  To learn more, click here.

Why funeral planning is so important

Funeral planning is not a topic most people like to think about, but it is something that everyone should do.
Here are three very important reasons why.

Number 1

Peace of Mind

Knowing that your final arrangements are taken care of can provide a great sense of relief for you and your loved ones. With the guesswork removed, when the time comes you get the send-off you want and they won’t have to make any difficult decisions and worry endlessly over whether they have done right by you. 

Prevents Additional Upset

Documenting the finer detail of your funeral in black and white can prevent family disagreements.  This way, there won’t be any arguments over, for instance, the type of funeral ceremony you wanted, or where your ashes are to be scattered or buried ...  and who with.   See Sandra's story below.

Number 2
Number 3

Saves Your Loved Ones Money

Funeral costs can be very expensive.  If your loved ones are not prepared for it or left clear instructions from you, they may let their heart rule their head and end up going into debt to pay for it.  Leave behind instructions in our easy to use Funeral Wishes Planner.

Are you worried about how your loved ones will pay for your funeral?

If you have the financial means, you could put money aside to pay for your funeral in a savings account, life insurance or Over 50s policy, or you could buy a prepaid funeral plan to fix the cost at today's prices.  But what if you don't have any savings?  You could document the detail of your funeral in our Funeral Wishes Planner.  

How documenting your funeral wishes can help loved ones more easily afford the funeral expense

At the funeral arrangement it's easy for loved ones to get carried away emotionally and 'want the best' of everything the funeral director has to offer.  

Our simple step-by-step Funeral Wishes Planner is a great way to leave clear instructions for your loved ones to follow for every stage of your funeral and prevent them overspending.  

It comes with a series of supporting guides too, with advice and tips on what you need to consider to ensure you get the send-off you want and your loved ones have no difficult decisions to make.  Leave a copy with your other life planning documents, such as your Will or prepaid funeral plan if you have one.

Why choose Before You Go to help you plan your funeral?

We know the benefits of funeral planning from years of  first-hand industry experience arranging funerals and providing voluntary bereavement support for grieving families.

How Before You Go can help you

We give you information and easy to use tools to help you plan your funeral wisely,  according to your  personal circumstances and funeral needs.  

Document your
funeral wishes

Don't leave loved ones to make difficult decisions about the funeral detail when they are already coping with their loss. Get your copy of our Funeral Wishes Planner.

Put money aside in
a savings account

Protect your loved ones from a sudden and large funeral expense by putting money aside to pay for it. Use our Funeral Budget Calculator to see how much you should save.

Fix the cost and prepay your funeral

Pay your funeral in advance to fix the cost today and help your family avoid rising funeral prices.  Compare prices of the leading Financial Conduct Authority authorised companies. * 

Get Life or Over 50's insurance cover

Leave behind a lump sum to help loved ones pay towards or cover the full cost of your funeral. Find out more about life insurance and get quotes from leading providers.

Check the latest list of Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) authorised funeral plan firms.

* Note: Our online funeral plan comparison service is independent, impartial, non-advisory and free for you to use.
We do not sell funeral plans and we do not receive a fee of any kind from any of the funeral plan companies listed.

One family's experience of how funeral planning prevented family arguments

Sandra (left) shares her story with Before You Go founder, Kim (right),  about why Sandra's mum decided to plan and prepay her funeral at the age of 91.  She also describes how this decision averted family disagreements and inspired Sandra and her siblings to plan their own send-offs before it was too late.

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